Peace Academy Costa Rica (PACR) prides itself on providing an alternative educational model that focuses on individualized learning programs, coupled with an emphasis on the development of leadership skills through internships and community projects, as ambassadors of peace and diversity.

Program Features

PACR is a grade 7 to 12 alternative school that requires students to learn how to find their inner inspiration, but also allows students to be given more individualized attention.  This means that lessons will be customized according to students’ interests and strengths, and that students will be guided in learning the importance of dedication.  We aim for approximately 8 students per teacher.

Customized Education: PACR’s philosophy centers around the customization of education to fit one’s lifestyle.  Families can choose to register for the morning academic program only, can choose to participate fully in the optional elective program as well, or work with PACR to customize a student’s education for their specific needs.  In addition, PACR welcomes students who have a diversity of goals, and will works alongside students and families to ensure they have the requirements for whatever pathway into the workforce they choose.  This includes obtaining an internationally accredited secondary diploma, a MEP accredited option for post-secondary in Costa Rica, a GED (General Education Diploma), a short term program for a temporary stay in Costa Rica, an online schooling option and any other pathway one may wish to pursue. 

Dedicated Faculty: PACR’s teachers are very passionate, flexible, are able to multi-task, and understand the importance of an individualized education.  They work hard to understand the needs and wants of each student, and creatively design projects and lessons that actively engage students in the curriculum.  All teachers are certified and qualified in their subject area and have abided by PACR’s application process, which includes a criminal record check and submission of proof of academic qualifications. 

Urban Location: PACR’s is located at El Jardin.  This location in central Jaco allows students ready access to the community and the optional electives we offer.  At El Jardin we are surrounded by other learning institutions (dance, music, Spanish school, English school and so on).  This is a great learning hub and provides the safety and security that is a priority of PACR. 

Internships:  Each student is required to complete 50 hours of community service during the year.  PACR teachers will mentor students in finding internships in the community.  Students can choose to job shadow in a workplace of interest, or they can participate in projects that contribute to the community.  These projects can be completed in collaboration with existing community organizations, or can be created by students themselves.  Students can also choose to complete internship projects on their own or with a group of like-minded fellow students who share a common goal for creating change!

Life Credits: Many students pursue interests outside of school that contribute to their knowledge and skills, and are valuable in educating them holistically.  PACR is able to work alongside students and families to create projects and documentation that allows students to gain credit for their life experiences.  For example, students may work with their teacher and complete the appropriate documentation to demonstrate their learning through athletic pursuits, “travel for credit” experiences, internship completion, and personal dedication to a skill they have developed independently.  This may include cooking skills, filmmaking, surf instruction, and so on.