Students experimenting with cup and string telephones which they made in science class.
Having fun at the beach

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Painting during art class.
Playing at Amipola

Our Vision:

To join together in collaboration with likeminded families, and work together alongside an experienced and caring certified teacher. To provide a quality schooling option in central Jaco that involves the cooperation of all participating families to lend their strengths in a relaxed, flexible, and structured environment in which children build social skills and progress academically.

As a fully licensed academy, to offer a legal alternative to the public system and an affordable option to private schooling.

Our Priorities:

To emphasize literacy (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and numeracy (mathematics) through the provision of an experienced teacher, offer a rich academic and experiential program, along with enhancing our program through parent contributions that encourage the children to build character, problem solve, cooperate with others, and develop a love for both learning and the world around us. 

Learning math skills
Story time