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Bassam Shmordok – Director of Elective Education

Bassam is an artist and photographer, with an innate love for storytelling.  He co-founded Peace Academy Costa Rica and brings over twenty five years of experience in the arts to our students.  For the last several years, Bassam has taught both adults and children how to bring a part of themselves to the culinary arts and photography, and has led public speaking workshops as a Gold Level Toastmaster.  His creativity and passion allow him to inspire in others compelling ways of using a variety of mediums in which to tell their own stories.  Bassam is an avid sailor.  He also enjoys skiing, surfing, and the art of cookery.

​​Tonia Shmordok – Director of Academic Education

English and Humanities Teacher:

Tonia has been an educator for over fifteen years, and was certified in Ontario, Canada. 

After teaching in a great variety of settings, including private, public, charter, and alternative schools, she has honed her vision of a school with the optimal environment for non-traditional learners, and founded Peace Academy Costa Rica, alongside her partner, Bassam.  Tonia has a genuine love for watching students discover within themselves a renewed desire to soak up the world, and tackle new challenges with confidence as a result.  She enjoys camping, canoeing, skiing, and sailing, and is ready to take on the waves in Costa Rica!