Catriona Goldberg -  Director  

Catriona has been an educator for over fifteen years and is PACR's Director and Lead Educator. As a long time member of the community she brings with her great understanding of the needs of the  families who choose to live in the Jaco area.

Catriona is dedicated to carry on the vision of Peace Academy Costa Rica and will also bring with her new ideas to compliment and expand PACR's programs with enthusiasm and dedication.

​​​Tonia Shmordok -

Tonia has been an educator for over fifteen years, and was certified in Ontario, Canada. 

After teaching in a great variety of settings, including private, public, charter, and alternative schools, she has honed her vision of a school with the optimal environment for non-traditional learners, and founded Peace Academy Costa Rica in 2015, alongside her partner, Bassam.  Tonia has a genuine love for watching students discover within themselves a renewed desire to soak up the world, and tackle new challenges with confidence as a result.  

After two years acting as the directors of Peace Academy Costa Rica tonia and Bassam are excited to pass on the school to a new leader who is as excited as we are about carrying the vision of PACR forward.