Divergent Thinker – There are often multiple solutions to the same problem.  Studies show expert potential in this regard in young children, which declines over time as they are processed through schools with standardized curriculums.  This trait is paramount to a generation of new and unique ideas which serve as inspiration to others; the effect is cyclical and enormously beneficial to human creativity and innovation.   

Conscious Consumer – Every product and service we purchase has a “footprint” which is the sum of all the energy, resources and waste required to provide it, to use it and to dispose of it.  Making intelligent decisions here is a responsibility we all share on a global level, and another way we can look beyond our self-interest and live in a manner that best serves the health and quality of life for all living things.  

Self-Educator – An effective school is one that can instill in kids a love for the learning process.  Children are then equipped and inspired to pursue new knowledge and greater challenges long after their formalized schooling has ended.  Both failures and successes are further motivation, for the broader perspective of the world they bring along with deep, internal reward.      

Collaborator – Competition breeds distrust, greed, secrecy, and conflict which inhibits real scientific and human  progress.  When collaboration becomes the central principle in our social order, our most critical problems will get solved.  Global collaboration will put mankind on course to achieve its highest potential - for individual growth and human progress – and the opportunity to finally become “civilized”.   

Change Agent – Change agents are valued problem solvers of the world, always asking: “is there a better way?” An effective educational experience will push students to look beyond conformity and seek out solutions to the most  challenging human problems as those represent the greatest reward – not monetary gain or personal status, but reward in the form of discovery and human benefit.

Peace Academy Costa Rica (PACR)   is built upon a foundation of shared

values in education, and an emphasis on individual, family and community wellness. 

These values are promoted in our school’s vision and mission:


Peace Academy Costa Rica (PACR) is where happy, confident,
and compassionate

students embrace the process of learning itself,  inspiring them along their most

natural path to success as they define it.


We envision a future in which our alumni and greater community remain deeply connected to each other and committed to our mission, vision, and values for the rest of their lives. 

As our community members becomes leaders in their workplaces and communities, internationally, they will inspire others to join their pursuit towards peace, encouraging collaboration and innovation, and thereby building sustainable peace and prosperity for generations to come.

We will accomplish this through caring, encouraging facilitators who develop flexible, integrated curriculums.  These, in turn, create opportunities for investigation, critical thought, discovery, problem solving, and self-expression. 

Our unified effort between school, student, family, and community is to prepare the next generation to challenge themselves in the pursuit of new knowledge, personal growth, and social contribution.

Character Education: 
With greater ownership of the education process, students more readily understand and adhere to concepts like respect, honesty, efficiency, and personal growth. Over time they can learn to confidently make good decisions in all areas of their lives as opposed to being afraid of making bad ones.  Detailed below are the five characteristics that PACR strives to nurture and inspire in each of our students: