We all know that when it comes to the future of our children, quality education is a top priority.  We need to ensure that they successfully achieve their goals, have the confidence to follow their dreams, and the tools to truly live their passions.

But getting the best education for your child is not always easy, especially if you live in a remote area. Some parents choose homeschooling, but can find it challenging to teach the advanced curriculum of the upper grades.   Other families find it frustrating to try to fit a traditional education into their untraditional lifestyle.  Often students who have chosen other​ online school models feel isolated in their studies or become discouraged by the pressure to be self-motivated.

What is unique about PACR's Online School Program?

  • ​Daily guidance from subject-specific teachers, who are fully present online
  • Collaborative learning that includes group work, class discussions, and working alongside students from all over the globe
  • A personal PACR mentor who will connect weekly about student progress
  • An international accreditation that is recognized by community colleges and elite universities in North America, Central America, and worldwide
  • Full flexibility in regards to your daily and weekly schedule, while still maintaining clear assignment deadlines
  • A very large catalog of courses that includes Standard, Honors, Gifted and Talented, and Advanced Placement courses
  • Optional access to our campus, located in Jaco, Costa Rica, at any time, on your own terms, including access to our face-to-face certified teachers
  • Optional access to our full elective program and all social activities 
  • A PACR graduation ceremony and the option to participate in our retreat events

Weather you choose to complete one of the over two hundred courses offered for additional credits or a full diploma program we at PACR can help you make the best choice based on your individual needs and goals.

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Why is Peace Academy's online school program the solution you are looking for?